Waikato registrar educational program

This page contains links to educational guidelines and expectations while you are working here. 

General registrars

These apply to all registrars working in the unit.  Tuesday teaching is a paid session and that attendance is compulsory, unless you have legitimate leave or are on nights.  Attendance to these sessions will form part of your end of run review.


  1. Registrar Tuesday teaching, case based/lectures/bedside/simulation.  The teaching timetable is here

  2. Registrar orientation.  The program is here

  3. Registrar focussed question presentation.  The guidelines for this are here

  4. ID presentation Thursday.  The guidelines for this are here

Practise review

These will happen during our Tuesday teaching, with the timetable here

  1. Interesting cases.

  2. M&M monthly

  3. Echo review session every second month.  This occurs on a Tuesday teaching session.


During the run, we recommend that each registrar/SHO to do either:

  1. Audit

  2. Exam

  3. Case series/discussion

  4. Research (own projects accepted)


  1. Optional.  Please discuss this with Pranesh or Stephen, if you wish to have a mentor.


Registrars are expected to attend one simulation session during your 6 month run.  This is denoted as "T" on your roster.

Pre Part I CICM trainees

Attendance to anaesthetic part I teaching with additional notes for microbiology and statistics

Pre Part II CICM trainees

Attendance to the Northern regional teaching for clinical ICU.  To sign up, please click here