CICM Forms

One stop access to college training forms.  Note that all ITER forms are now submitted electronically except the Final In Training Assessment form (FITA)

Exam forms

For Primary and Final exam, to obtain an application form you must email Frieda Keo ( with your trainee ID number, preferred date and location for the written exam. 

Hot case assessment form.  You must complete this within 3 months of the closing date of the FINAL exam to be eligible for the exam.  4 hotcases (20min assessment, 10 min feedback) are needed to be recorded.

Formal Project

Formal project supervisor evaluation form.  Please email this along with your project to

Final Training Form

Final In Training Assessment form (FITA).  This is to be physically sent to the college to:  

Training and Online Learning, College of Intensive Care Medicine , Suite 101• 168 Greville Street, PRAHRAN VIC 3181

POST 2014 Training forms (Not required for Pre 2014)

Observed Clinical Encounter (OCE)

Observed Clinical Encounter.  This needs to be completed twice every six month during core training and signed off by a fellow. 

Work Based Assessment (WBA)

Each of these need to be complete during the course of the training

Brain Death Workplace Competency Assessment

Communication Workplace Competency Assessment

Central Venous Catheter Workplace Competency Assessment

Percutaneous Tracheostomy Workplace Competency Assessment

Pleural Drain Workplace Competency Assessment

Ventilator Set-Up Workplace Competency Assessment

Basic and Advanced Life Support Workplace Competency Assessment

These need to be submitted to