Exam resources

These are guides and tips that can help with passing the part II CICM exam.

The written exam

I recommend a three pronged approach.  This includes doing old exam questions, looking at the syllabus, and keeping up-to-date with important journals.

Past exam papers

Journal list

Simplified syallbus 

The clinical exam


The only way to pass the clinical exam is to practise and practise.  This means continuing to do your clinical work and approaching patients like it's a hotcase.  I recommend taking time off only to go to other units for practise during the time between the written and orals.  Hopefully we would publish potential contact people in different units for you to contact for your hotcases.


The vivas are not just question and answer oral exams.  Typically is a radiology station, clinical skill/scenario/education station and a communication stations as well.  I recommend Carol Foot's book "Examination Intensive Care 2nd edition" for this part.