Waikato ICU registrar resources


Waikato ICU Introduction

We are a 16 bed ICU, with 10 general ICU beds and 6 cardiac beds.  In addition we have a 12 bed open HDU.  We are the tertiary hospital for the entire midland region.

What's special about our unit

We are an ICU that is accredited by CICM for cardiac, neurosurgery and trauma training, all in the one unit.  In addition, we are the main providers of air transport in the midland region, with both fixed winged and chopper available.

Waikato hospital

Corner of Pembroke and Selwyn st

Hamilton 3204

Getting here

We are at the Meade clinical centre, on the 4th floor.  The reception is well signed once you are on the 4th floor and state to the reception that you are here for ICU teaching. 

Parking is available at the Hague road carpark building.  Street parking can also be variably available.